As your business grows, so does your need for timely, quality legal advice.  Big corporations and institutions know the value of such advice in preventing costly problems down the road. That’s why such large organizations have one or even a dozen attorneys on their payroll as in-house counsel.

Small and medium businesses can also profit from timely legal advice .  And their top executives know that they should probably consult an attorney more often.  But the cost and time often seems too great.

Horne Legal can help, by providing on-time, quality legal advice and solutions.

These fixed-rate, affordable plans provide a legal partnership that will help you achieve your business goals.  Current plans, as of October 24, 2018, are:

  • General Counsel Plan A:  20 hours of legal services, $5,000.   
  • General Counsel Plan B:  50 hours of legal services, $10,000. 
  • General Counsel Plan C:  Custom plan based on your needs.

Under these General Counsel Plans, the firm provides a set number of hours of legal assistance for a yearly flat fee.  Whether you are seeking assistance in drafting legal documents, such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and waivers, help in complex negotiations, advice on employment policies, or responding to regulatory inquiries, you will have access to an attorney when you need it.  Hours may also be used to defend or prosecute civil claims.  Some specialized legal services, such as compliance with securities regulations, consumer debt collection, and other areas, are excluded, although the firm can be employed to secure and oversee such representation. Your customized Plan engagement agreement will detail the firm’s billing rates, billing practices, exclusions, and other applicable provisions.

Plan clients are entitled to a 10% discount off the firm’s regular hourly rates if additional services are needed above the Plan hours. New clients may apply their first bill toward a General Counsel Plan.