attorney-client relationship

Choosing the right attorney is essential to establishing a good and productive attorney-client relationship.
You want someone who will give you honest advice, represent your interests faithfully, and protect the confidentiality of your communications. I take these duties seriously.
An attorney is not just an advocate. He or she must also be an adviser whom you can trust to give you a candid assessment of your issues and your prospects of obtaining a remedy or relief from another party. That means your attorney must often be your negotiator or intermediary as well.
Attorneys are officers of the court, and that carries the obligation to be truthful and professional in their dealings with the court and all other parties, including the attorneys for opposing parties.
As the client, you are in charge of determining the objectives of the representation, and deciding whether to settle a case or take it to trial. And you always have the right to terminate the representation and/or hire someone else. Our job will be, consistent with the rules of professional conduct, to help you achieve your goals and objectives